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Buh-bye Maternity Leave…we had some good times.

Posted on | March 14, 2012 | No Comments

A year ago I looked like this.

My maternity leave ended 2 weeks ago. Apparently everyone in the world knew this and I suddenly found myself swamped with work. It’s great, but not so much for this here li’l blog.
Many posts half written and ALMOST ready to go up.

In the meantime here is some happy interneting for you:

Congrats to Brie at 269 Days who is now a mom as of Monday. Can’t wait to see a drawing of the little one! (In a few months is just fine…really it is.)

Hilarious notes written by kids. No seriously. Like ha-ha funny. (I also posted this to my facebook page.)

I don’t use ‘em lately, but when I did I wish I’d known this: 50 ways to re-use dryer sheets.

An article on children and established artists drawing autism. Truly inspiring work.

Nine Months in Captivity: A Fetal Memoir

That should give you ample procrastination material. Go forth young ones.


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